Striking mountains, widespread forests, beautiful lakes and attractive nature combined with various opportunities of sports and relaxation, as well as unseen hospitality make Carinthia an exceptional place for holiday, both in summer and in winter months. Here you have peace and adventure intertwined in a unique way!



Blending in with nature, finding yourself or exploring the limits of your capabilities. Carinthia offers you optimal conditions for holiday full of variations. Regardless of whether you want to explore this fascinating mountain world by hiking, cycling, on horseback, from the air or on the water, there is opportunity for everyone to experience the nature on their own way. The diversity of the landscape is unique in Europe. Striking mountains, bright green forests and valleys and warm sparkling lakes with clear water that could be drunk offer you an amazing view. It is forbidden to be bored here! The experience is in fact complete, whether you are young or old. Various gardens with monkey bars, parks with opportunities to explore and the (mountain) playgrounds which could exhaust everyone, so that in the evening you go to sleep with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.



Skiing on the perfectly groomed ski slopes, snowboarding, hiking in winter boots or beautiful winter walk in the freshly fallen snow. Winter pleasantness in a paradise for winter sports called Carinthia is guaranteed to everyone, young and elderly people, beginners and experienced athletes! What do you think of a romantic ride in a sleigh through the enchanting winter landscapes …?